June 21, 2024

Tint % Guide

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Find your perfect tint:


This is for someone looking for optimal privacy and security for their vehicle. Toss out your sunglasses! This is the darkest tint we offer! 

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Do you want your windows slightly darker than standard factory glass? 15% is the ideal choice without compromising your driving ability at night!

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This is standard factory tinted glass, as well as our most popular tint package. Match the two front windows to the rears with this level of tint.

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Do you want to stay within Colorado's legal tint limit? 35% is the way to go. The legal limit in CO is 27% on the front glass, with any percent on the rear windows.

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40% and 50%

These are our most popular for windshield tinting, as factory glass on the windshield comes at a 70% tint these lighter percentages will give you UV and IR protection with out compromising your visibility. 

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***Windshield tint is Illegal in CO and does not come with any warranties***

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