April 14, 2023

PPF & Clear Coats: The Secret to Keeping Your Vehicle Looking New

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Long-lasting Ceramic Coating: What You Need to Know

How long will your new ceramic coating last?

We’ll tell you; it depends. There are always happenings that cannot be planned for in life, but when you’re dealing with your vehicle’s paint job – there are plenty of opportunities to extend the fresh off-the-lot look.

The Average Lifespan of Ceramic Car Coating Treatments

How long does ceramic coating last? It all depends on who you ask. Most people say that ceramic coatings last between two and five years, but some people have had theirs last over a decade. However, the quality of your ceramic coating will affect its lifespan.

This is why choosing an automotive coating provider is so important.

Quality ceramic coating products and precise attention to detail is only part of why Sterling’s Customs is the top shop in Denver for vehicle customizations.

The Cost of Quality Ceramic Coating Services

The cost of a ceramic coating is dependent on many factors, including the price of the material used (which is relatively small) and the labor rate of the person applying the coating. With a high quality ceramic coating, you not only have a highly durable finish, but it is less expensive than having the car repainted.

The average cost for ceramic coating is comparable to any vehicle customization, like vinyl wraps, clear-bra and paint correct – but is largely related to the following:

  • Size of the Vehicle: An SUV is going to be less costly than coating a go-kart. The total area of the vehicle needs to be generously covered in our ceramic coating so it does not erode from weathering.
  • Years of Experience: Practice makes perfect. We’ve been ogling custom vehicles for as long as we can remember; so when we say we’ve seen it all – we mean it.
  • Professionalism + Care: The same reason you don’t hire a high-schooler to valet your Tesla. With great power comes great responsibility and we’re very careful with your vehicle while it is under our care.

What Can Damage a Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is an investment, so you want it to last as long as possible. The best way to achieve this is by avoiding anything that will wear down the surface too soon. The biggest culprits that can cause your ceramic coating to need replacement too quickly are:

  • Driving in extreme weather conditions can accelerate corrosion on your vehicle. If you live in an area where it’s extremely hot or cold, the material of your car will expand and contract more frequently, leading to tiny cracks that let water seep through.
  • Usage of harsh chemicals on your car. They can act like sandpaper, scuffing and damaging the paint surface over time. This damages the surface’s ability to protect against water penetration so just be careful with what you’re using!
  • Incorrect car wash methods. The two-bucket method should always be used when washing your car. This reduces the risk of scratches and damage to your vehicle’s finish, allowing it to last longer. You should also never wash your car in direct sunlight.
  • Overuse of Waxing or Polishing. Polishing your vehicle’s exterior is a common mistake people make when caring for their ceramic coatings. You should never polish ceramic coatings, as this will reduce their effectiveness at repelling water and protect your car from rusting!

How To Keep Your Ceramic Coating Looking Good As New

  • Keep Your Vehicle Covered. Never park in direct sunlight and invest in a covered garage if your place of residence does not provide one.
  • Never Use The Same Brush. When cleaning your newly coated vehicle, you should keep separate brushes for your wheels and the body of the vehicle. As you’d imagine, wheels are a bit tougher than painted metal, so a scrubber is fine to use on them. However, your paint job needs a bit more TLC so use a soft-bristled brush to be safe.
  • Use Quality Ceramic Coating Shampoo. Look, top-shelf car shampoos aren’t just a status symbol. They contain chemicals and agents that aren’t abrasive, which is vital to extend the life of your silica-based ceramic coating. Don’t waste money on lower-tier shampoos that will cause your ceramic coating to become brittle and crack, leaving you with an eye sore of a vehicle.

(We recommend always hand washing your vehicle, and using touchless drive through washes. Brushes can collect dirt and debris that can scratch and wear down your paint/wrap, but if you have to use any type of brush – keep it safe!)

Who to call for quality ceramic coating for your prized ride? Sterling’s Customs.

The answer is obvious. We offer the best ceramic coating service because frankly, we care the most. We want you driving around looking and feeling your best. So we’re doubly sure your ceramic coating is perfected before you’re out of our shop.

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