7 Reasons Why Vinyl Wrap is The Move

Are you thinking about changing your car’s color? Whether you have damage, mismatched panels, or just want something different. A new color will immediately upgrade your vehicle’s appearance. 

But before you rush out to get a new paint job, you should consider getting a custom vinyl wrap instead. If you’re unfamiliar with car wraps or on the fence, keep reading. 

We’re giving you seven reasons why a vinyl vehicle wrap is better than paint. 

Change the color of your vehicle to whatever you want

With as many choices as you get with paint, it doesn’t compare to the number of options you have with vinyl wraps. With paint, the design and aesthetic choices are limited, and often, you’re left to choose from stock colors. 

But with vinyl wraps, you get flexibility. You can pick from hundreds of colors, add custom graphics, and choose between a full or partial vehicle wrap. 

Car Wrap Cost vs. Car Paint Cost : Vinyl is cheaper.

The difference in cost between a vehicle wrap vs. paint is high, with vinyl being the more affordable option. This isn’t surprising since the painting process is a lot more involved and time-consuming compared to applying a custom car wrap. 

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 for a fresh paint job. Your costs are a fraction of the price with custom car wraps, with the average professional wrap job costing between $2,500 to $5,000! 

Vinyl Car Wraps don’t take long to install

Deciding to go with paint means you’ll have to be without your car for about one to two weeks. That doesn’t even include the additional time it takes for the paint to dry thoroughly without potentially getting damaged from driving. 

Vinyl vehicle wraps only take about three to five days to complete, and once the job is done, it’s done. As soon as you pick up your car, it’s ready to hit the road without worrying about ruining your new exterior. 

A Truly Customizable Option : Unique Vinyl Wrap Designs

Paint does offer a certain amount of customization, but when compared to what you can do with car wraps, it’s pretty limited. On top of that, a customized paint job doesn’t come cheap and only adds to the high cost. 

But with vinyl car wraps, you can completely customize your car without going over budget. Whether you want to develop your unique color, add detailed graphics, or include text, the possibilities with custom car wraps are endless.

Vinyl Wraps are Easy to Remove and Change

Investing in new paint is a big commitment. It’s something you’ll have to stick to for a while because it’s a permanent change. And don’t forget, the out-of-pocket costs don’t make it easy to redo.

But vinyl vehicle wraps aren’t permanent and won’t cause any damage to the original color. That means you can change up the design or color of your car, update designs, or simply go back to the original color whenever you want. 

Long-lasting and Durable Material

There’s no doubt that a fresh paint job will make your car look better, but paint is also vulnerable to scratches, peeling, sun damage, and flaking. With this option, you also have to look out for weather and dents, two additional factors that can ruin your car’s color. 

Instead of adding extra expenses to your car’s maintenance routine, get a vinyl custom car wrap instead. Vinyl is highly durable, so your exterior will continue to look flawless year after year while protecting the paint underneath at the same time. 

Vinyl Requires Little Maintenance

As expensive as new paint is, it still requires regular maintenance, like frequent washing and waxing, to keep your car looking good. That means you’re going to end up spending even more money overtime on top of what you already paid. 

But this isn’t the case with vinyl wraps. The only thing you need to do is wash it, and your car wrap will continue to look good as new for several years.

Vinyl Custom Car Wraps: The Clear Winner

When you look at the cost of vinyl wraps vs. paint, the clear winner is vinyl. Not only is it considerably more affordable, but it also gives you more options and the chance to tailor the exterior of your car. 

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